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The international financial market mainly includes foreign exchange, fixed-income, securities and commodity exchange. As an important player in government and corporate bonds, structured instruments, securitized products, OTC derivatives, emerging markets and commodities, SPDB gets important market share in flow-driven markets with relentless innovation in pursuit of tailored client solutions. We strictly abide by the related laws, regulations, and international common practices.
Our counterparties and business partners include the main commercial banks and investment banks in the worldwide, while our clients cover from corporations to individuals both in home and abroad. With the in-depth and sound knowledge of international and domestic financial markets, we keep up with the pace of the markets by managing and implementing various financial instruments. We try our best to help our corporate and individual clients to hedge risk exposure and improve yield enhancement.
According to various financial instruments and responsibilities, treasury and markets department can be divided into different teams which include foreign exchange, fixed income, money market, derivatives, and marketing & sales.

Our products mainly include:
1. Foreign exchange rate risk management products: FX spot, FX forward, FX swap, Foreign Currency/CNY spot, Foreign Currency/CNY forward, Foreign Currency/CNY swap, vanilla options, barrier options, range forward contract and other FX derivatives.
2. Interest rate risk management products: interest rate swap, interest rate option and forward rate agreement.
3. Structural products: CNY structured deposits, premium deposit, callable floating rate deposits, callable fixed rate deposits, callable reverse-floating interest rate structured deposit, callable interest rate range accrual structured deposit, and other foreign currency structured deposits.
4. Fixed income products: CNY bond re-purchase and foreign currency securities transaction.
5. Commodity exchange products: Gold exchange.

Our services can be described as followed:
1. One-Stop Range of Products and Solutions
SPDB is well-positioned to meet the needs of clients for safe and convenient investment in both international and domestic financial markets, including risk hedge and yield enhancement.
2. National Network, Local Presence
With a country wide network of sales and services which covers the major cities in China, we are uniquely offering the clients with direct contacts and updated market information.
3. First class traders and sales
With our professional teams, the bank has advantages in designing innovative, effective and customized solutions in the overview of the global financial market.
4. Advanced financial information system and dealing equipments
We has an advanced platform of financial information system and dealing equipments, which are helpful to risk analysis control, product pricing model and dealing information management. All of these features make SPDB one of the top dealing rooms in national wide.