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The international financial market mainly includes foreign exchange, fixed-income, securities and commodity exchange. As an important player in government and corporate bonds, structured instruments, securitized products, OTC derivatives, emerging markets and commodities...

FX Risk Management
FX Spot
FX Forward
FX Swap
USDCNY Exchange
Vanilla Option
Barrier Option
Range Forward
Other Options
Interest Rate Risk Management
Interest Rate Swap
Cross Currency Interest Rate Swap
Interest Rate Option
Forward Rate Agreenment
Structured Products
RMB Structured Deposit
Premium Deposit
Callable Interest Rate Step up Deposit
Callable Fixed Interest Rate Deposit
Callable Reverse Floating Rate Deposit
Callable Interest Rate Linked Daily Range Accrual Deposit
Gold Price Linked Daily Range Accrual Deposit
Other Structured Products
Fixed Income
CNY Bond
Foreign Currency Securities