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Open-Ended Fund

Product Introduction
Open-ended security investment fund (mutual fund) is a way of collective investment, in which the investors make security investment through portfolio and share the benefits and risk jointly. Through subscription of fund units, the capital of massive investors would be centralized and form a type of independent property, which will be under the custody of fund custodian and managed by fund managers.

Service Features
Collective and professional wealth management;
Portfolio based investment and diversified risk
Shared revenue and risk
Rigorous supervision and transparent information;
Independent custody and insured security

We have established cooperation with 26 fund managers and introduced over 140 mutual funds with abundant investment types including equity, hybrid, fixed income as well as money market fund.

On the base of a “mutual fund supermarket”, we have been following the principle of careful filtering and selection and enhanced our market image of professional wealth management service through selecting and recommending high quality mutual fund. Starting from independent and objective fund rating from the angle of a third party, we joint into alliance with fund rating authority in the industry, Morning Start Business Information, and presented our own essence mutual fund collection (please see detailed introduction of essence mutual fund collection).

We actively promoted business innovation in order to satisfy the demand of public investors. We were one of first banks which launched regular date and amount investment service both over the counter and online.

After forming certain distribution volume, we presented electronic direct investment service in cooperation with Huaan mutual fund management company. This type of direct investment is available through both online and telephone banking and enjoys the advantage of efficient fund transfer, lower cost, more convenience and easy fund transfer.

Investment Procedure
The investors could make mutual fund investment through all our business offices or online banking.

1. All the above materials are oriented for business introduction. For more detailed information please contact our business offices or service hotline 95528. Mutual fund investment bears certain risk. The investors should be more cautious in making investment decision.