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Individual FX Trading

Product Introduction
Individual FX trading is the type of banking service, in which the bank provides real time FX trading prices according to the international market situation, and individual customers can convert foreign exchange held in its account from one currency into another currency with this kind of prices.

Product Feature

  • Maximum 31 days target price dealing service
  • There is trading rate discount for multiple trading. In addition to single transaction discount, when monthly trading volume reaches certain amounts, the customer could enjoy preferential trading rate starting from the next month.
  • Consistent pricing for cash and FX dealing
  • FX trading accounts could be used for personal loan pledge. A total credit limit will be controlled for circulative utilization. This won’t affect the daily trading in your account.

Application Procedure
Orient card or current deposit book holders could open the service in all our business offices which provides individual FX trading services.

Our FX trading service is available in 8 currencies (including GBP, HKD, USD, CHF, JPY, CAD, AUS and EUR) and 22 currency combinations. There are two types of trading, namely spot trading and target price trading.
Trading starts from 8:00am and ends at 4:00am next day from Monday to Friday. With daily 20 hours business time, we offer connection to the major global markets.
Our customers can conduct trading over the counter, through self-service machines, telephone and online banking.