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Saving Products

Saving products are classified into two basic types: current account and time deposit. Features include:


  • diversified products to choose from;


    • various terms: current account, 3-month, 6-month, 1-year, 2-year, 3-year, 5-year;
    • various currencies: RMB, Japanese yen, Euro, HK dollar, British pound, Australian dollar, Swiss franc, Canadian dollar, Singapore dollar;
    • Various mediums of deposit: bank card, passbook, certificate of deposit;


  • dual passwords to ensure safety: one for inquiry and the other for transaction;
  • all savings entitled to be withdrawn at any banking office of the bank across the country;
  • VIP service for customers with total value of assets with the bank above certain level;
  • customized inter-account transfer among current accounts and time deposit accounts.

To open a savings account with the bank, you should present your own valid ID at any of our banking office. You could also ask a delegate to open an account or make a deposit on your behalf. In this case, the delegate must present both your and his/her own valid IDs.