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Electronic Ticket

Clients can book electronic tickets of 6 main domestic airlines through SPD Bank website, and enjoy online payment and check-in service.

Service Features

  • Complete electronic procedure for inquiry, booking, payment and delivery.
  • Fast check-in against valid certificate in time of emergency.
  • Convenient online inquiry of itinerary and historic data and easy ticket return or change.
  • Competitive price with clear discount of countless flights.
  • Credit benefits of online purchasing.

Application Procedure
1. log in http://ebank.spdb.com.cn, click link to e-ticket column and make inquiry of flight information.
2. new user need to register first.
3. correctly fill in personal information for booking which will be used for contact only.
4. follow notice for online payment, select leisure card payment and follow procedures.
5. e-ticket number and flight information will be sent to client’s designated mailbox or mobile phone.
6. clients can get board pass against original ID card, and request for invoice.
7. boarding the plane.

Friendly reminder

  • Boarding and reimbursement of e-ticket?
  • An e-ticket number will be given after successful purchase.
  • Boarding pass be acquired at the counter against e-ticket number and valid identification card.
  • Invoice be acquired at the counter for reimbursement.
For details, contact local SPD Bank at 95528.