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SPDB Assets Custody Department

The custodian is the dutiful guardian of the entrusted properties. With the ever-improving development in Chinese capital market, an assets proprietor, as we have known to the best of our knowledge, needs not only professional investment institutions for your capital operation to realize preserved and added value of your capital, but also trustworthy, reliable and considerate custodian to safeguard your capital safety. Alternately, a guardian of your assets, while performing financial management on behalf of the proprietors, will also need some professional, devoted and experienced custody institutions to enter into cooperative partnership for mutual benefits.

Keeping good faith, strict self-discipline, devotedness, and outstanding performance, SPDB has dedicated itself to creating a brand in assets custody business, and further, focusing on clients’ service and commitments. With reference to and after restructuring both foreign and domestic custody models, SPDB has not only launched instrument packages for assets custody, but also equipped with highly efficient funds settlement network, cutting-edge integrated custody systems, well-developed internal risk control systems and professional operation team to ensure to provide high quality assets custody service.

“Guardian of your wealth”, SPDB has strong confidence in assuring you of our personalized service and professionalized support for your future strategic planning and every implementation step.

About US---A Tailor-Made Considerate Service Provider
SPDB specialized assets custody department consists of 4 functional sectors respectively responsible for marketing, custody operation, operation support and internal control, featuring diversified comprehensive management and operation covering overall management, business operation, operation support, internal control and customer service.

To address the special requirements for confidentiality by custody business, the department has its independent office premise consisting of 7 functional areas for office, custody operation, data room, host machine room, monitoring room, archives control room, and reception, along with strict entrance guard and separation systems and classified control and management.

Our Strength
All-pervasive demand-satisfied professional predominance
1. Qualification for all-inclusive custody service qualifications for such assets custody services as security investment funds, wealth management trusted by security companies, funds trust plan, investment-linked insurance, China-Belgium Industrial Investment Funds, National Social Security Funds, and basic personal endowment insurance
2. Personalized custody service: all-pervasive personalized assets custody service addressed to your requirements
3. Well-developed internal control systems for custody business: scientific organizational structure and perfect business rules and internal control systems with priority given to systems and internal control to ensure steady operation of custody business
4. Professional team: all staffs have bachelor degree or above, including 70% master degrees. All staffs are fully equipped with qualifications for funds business and most backbone staffs have years’ professional experience and expertise.
5. Rich business experience: exclusive agent bank for Shanghai endowment funds since 1993, custodian bank for China's first bank-guaranteed Harvest Pu'an capital preservation funds, and exclusive custodian bank of China's first standardized Sino-foreign cooperative funds, China-Belgium Direct Equity Investment Funds
Trustworthy technical systems
The indigenously developed integrated custody business systems (SAFEs) adopts the latest domestic 3G technical platform for custody business, ensuring support to independent operation of multiple custody instruments on a common technical platform and taking the domestic leading position in terms of its feature of personalized and model-structured automatic authority control.
Packages of investment instruments
Investment instruments covering dozen types and 8 series

  • SPDB Custody Instruments
    • Industrial investment
    • Security investment
    • Special funds
    • Custody of entrusted assets
      • Assets custody entrusted by security companies
      • Funds custody
      • Custody of housing maintenance funds
      • Custody of housing reserve
      • Custody of employees’ mutual aid funds
    • Custody of social security funds
      • Custody of company pension
      • Custody of national social security funds
      • Custody of rural endowment funds
      • Custody of personal account for basic endowment insurance
    • Custody of trust assets
      • Custody of trust funds such as security investment
      • Custody of project trust funds
      • Custody of securitized assets
    • Custody of insurance assets
      • Custody of Renminbi stock assets
      • Custody of investment by foreign exchange assets
      • Custody of investment-linked insurance instruments