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SPDB, under the impetus of market and client values, the main thrust of business transformation and process restructuring, and the momentum of product innovation and technological input, embarks upon comprehensive integration of all banking products and services, and creates a fully new service brand---SPDB Wealth Plus. SPDB Wealth Plus, based on fully understanding of your financial demands in production, trade, investment and wealth management, provides you with comprehensive tailor-made product solutions and characteristic client services to satisfy all your needs and demands.

Introduction to SPDB Wealth Plus brand
The text of the LOGO consists of “SPDB WEALTH PLUS”, indicating that SPDB Wealth Plus is a sub-brand under SPDB brand, aimed at creating wealth to the clients and providing your enterprise with integrated corporate banking service in foreign and domestic currencies. The pattern of the LOGO symbolizes dandelion, which vividly connotes SPDB’s vitality and its wish to broadcast hope and the seed of wealth to your enterprise through its innovative financial products and services.
Sticking to the client-centered and service-focused concept, holding our belief for “broadcasting, sharing and mutual development”and cherishing the hope of creating wealth with our joint hands, SPDB is sincerely committed to“broadcast hope of fortune and create your future of wealth”by its advanced management skills, professional team, innovative spirits and cordial service.

SPDB Wealth Plus Brand System
SPDB has established various professional corporate and investment banking teams to provide your enterprise with five product solutions and three characteristic client services under the SPDB Wealth Plus brand as well as tailor-made financial service solutions addressed to your key concerns.
Product solution series:
Corporate cash management solution
Provide your enterprise with various integrated cash management products and services, including funds collection, payment, funds management and information service as well as tailor-made cash management solution.
Enterprise supply chain financing solution
Provide solutions for your enterprise on any possible problems happened to all links of the supply chain, improve practical efficiency and increase values to your management of logistics, information and cash flow.
Finance and Investment solution for Enterprise---to launch soon
Solve any possible problems happened to all links of your supply chain and ensure more efficient and value-added management on your logistics, information flow and capital flow.
Asset custody solution
Provide your enterprise with series of assets custody services. Equiped with highly efficient fund settlement system, advanced and integrated custody account processing system and well-developed internal risk control system, our professional custody operation team will help to realize value preservation and increase of your enterprise.
Enterprise annuity fund solution
Provide your enterprise with professional consulting service for your enterprise annuity fund council and enterprise annuity fund program design, and account management service. In addition, we can also offer you comprehensive bundled annuity service along with our cooperation partners to help you plan detailed measures on enterprise annuity fund management.
Characteristic client service series:
Offshore banking service
Provide you and your enterprise with multi-channel, all-round quick and convenient overseas banking service within the territory of China to satisfy your requirements for foreign currency banking service in your international trade, production and investment.
Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) Service---to launch soon
VIP Client Service——to launch soon