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Solutions of Offshore Banking Service

        Local Overseas Banking Service
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Our Offshore Banking Services can offer deposit, loan, settlement and other overseas banking services for legal entities registered outside Mainland China and non-resident individuals (including those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan areas). It takes freely convertible foreign currencies as transaction currencies and provides various banking services with more flexibility , that is, free from China’s taxation, foreign exchange control, and the restriction of local economic development.
Our Offshore and Domestic Banking Services can complement and promote with each other in terms of service function. Whether you step toward overseas or expand the market in China, we can strive to provide expeditious, comprehensive and convenient overseas banking services for your international operation. Furthermore, we can utilize all possible resources to meet your various requirements for overseas banking services for your global trade, manufacturing and investment.
Based on wealthy domestic banking service experiences and outstanding commercial banking capabilities, we have full confidence in providing offshore banking services with high quality, high efficiency and distinguishing features. Meanwhile, we stick to the operation concept of “Earning Trust and Creating Excellence” and “SPDB Wealth Plus” brand service concept of “Focusing on Customer and Concentrating on Service”, and offer reliable banking services to help you achieve profit maximization in both overseas and domestic markets.
We sincerely expect that we can be your loyal partners of international operation, and upon your requirements, offer excellent offshore banking services with localization, high-efficiency and specialization, which can help you achieve great success.
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