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Multi-National Company

        Integrated On-shore & Offshore Banking Service,Tailor-made Cash Pooling and Management,Maximizing Your Capital Revenue

Are you seeking and exploring business opportunities abroad?
Are you executing and realizing globalization in the world?
Are you planning further development and promoting localization in China?
With "SPDB Wealth Plus", a series of comprehensive and tailor-made professional financial services to all clients onshore and offshore, your requirements in globalization and localization progress can be met.

Experimental Measures Governing Management of Foreign Currency by MNCs in Pudong New Area
Cash Pooling
Offshore Banking
Financial Markets

I. E-Banking
Corporate E-Banking is the banking service we provide to corporate clients based on internet or other public information platform. With centralized data base, SPDB Corporate E-Banking can provide you comprehensive services including Information Inquiry, Book Transfer, Payments, Batch Payments, Investment Service, Pre-engagement, Agency Service, Instant Message, Offshore Banking Service and RMB/FX Cash Pooling etc.. In addition to the traditional transactions over the counter, Online Banking can also offer auto switch between current deposits, term deposits and call deposits, wealth management products such as open-ended fund investment, reimbursement, payroll, bulk/reserved payment, which will help you to achieve efficient financial management.

1.Secured and Cost-Efficient
With multi-layered protection of digital certificate from authorized institution, 128 digits encryption technology, multiple password access and customized administration function, we insure the safety of the fund in your account. A PC with internet connection is all you need for using our online banking.
2.Mobile Office with Strong Functions
With no need to install software at client site, you may log on and access our Online Banking with authorized digital key anywhere and thus realize mobile office with ease.
3.Overall Inquiry with Complete Information
In addition to the account balance and transaction details, more customized and detailed information can be provided on demand, such as the name, account number and branch number of the debit/credit party.
4.Integrated Information of Both Onshore and Offshore Business
The integrated onshore and offshore business information enables you to accomplish the efficient cash management both in local and foreign currency by freely allocating RMB and FX fund.
5.User-friendly Interface with Both Simplified/Traditional Chinese and English
Interface of simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English will facilitate the use by your staff from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other overseas areas.

Bank-Enterprise Straight-Through
"Bank-Enterprise Straight-through" is based on the real time interface between clients' financial or cash management system with SPDB's banking system. This connection can facilitate your account management, data inquiry, fund transfer, and account reconciliation etc. Information service like "Instant Short Message" and "E-mail Notice", will keep you informed with the account information anytime and anywhere and help you manage the account movement.

1.High Efficiency through System Interface
With the specialized platform for Bank-Enterprise connection, multiple access (DDN or internet access) and standardized data connection and encryption, the project efficiency is largely increased and the bank-enterprise connection is more convenient.
2.Fund Transfer with Safety
"Prestigious Clients Service", the exclusive access provided to your esteemed company, featured by protection measures like payment order encryption, payee control for funds transfer instruction, makes your external payment and internal funds transfer much safer and more efficient.
3.Complete Grasp of Banking Information
In additional to the account balance and transaction details, the customized payer/payee information could also be provided on demand. Moreover, information about bills, loans, discounting etc. is always available to assist you in timely decision making.

II. Cash Pooling
"Cash Pooling" is the tailor-made cash management service for the group companies and its regional headquarters. Supported by advanced IT system, based on basic needs and customized requirements of the group clients, it helps you to reduce the funds imbalance and financial cost due to the long and short position within the group. It can increase the funds liquidity and efficiency and save financial costs.

RMB cash pooling structure

FX cash pool structure

We provide:
Funds allocation within the group/regional HQ
Automatic fund polling and allocation within the group/regional HQ
Agent accounting for your funding cost

You achieve
Centralized fund planning and cost saving
Funds allocation as needed
Limit control in compliance with rules and regulations
Multiple rules and customized designing
Cost settlement and clear accounting
Multi-channel support, convenient implementation

Multiple Rules and Customized Designing
Cash pooling rules
Batch ZBA
Batch TBA
Real-Time ZBA
Real-Time Trigger Sweep
Allocation rules
Batch Fix Allocate
Batch Target Allocate
Position keeping rules
Allocate Within Netting
Allocate Within Target
Allocate Within Netting +Target
Allocate Within Pool Balance
Multi-frequency:provide by day, ten days, month, quarter, half year, year

III. Offshore Banking Service
Approved by the People's Bank of China, SPDB obtained the license of Offshore Banking Business in June 2002 and became one of the four Chinese Banks which offer this service.
We provide
1.Offshore Account Service
The Offshore Account is a bank account with overseas characters opened with SPDB Head Office. Our offshore and onshore banking services complement and promote each other in terms of functions. With convenient deposit and payment services and flexible management, it enables you to control your foreign subsidiaries' accounts from your location here and satisfies your demand for overseas banking service.
2.Offshore Banking Solution
We provide various solutions to meet your financial needs arising from your trade, production and investment activities.
You achieve
1.Manage overseas funds efficiently.
The Instant Information Services, including Email and SMS, will keep you informed of the movement in your overseas accounts anytime, so that you can manage the overseas funds timely.
2.Enjoy safe and efficient cross-border payment and global cash management.
You will be furnished with the exclusive Test Key to secure the long-distance payment by fax. Furthermore, the funds could be transferred between your Offshore Accounts (Overseas Accounts) and Onshore Accounts (Domestic Accounts) opened with SPDB in real time, which can facilitate the unified management of your overseas and domestic accounts with high security, efficiency, flexibility and convenience.

IV. Financial Markets
As one of the primary dealers on the domestic inter-bank and FX market, SPDB was one of the first Chinese banks providing structured products and local currency wealth management to corporate,retail and private clients. It started to offer derivatives instruments to SOE clients in mid-90s. With license of derivatives trading, CNY wealth management and CNY forward against foreign currency, SPDB committed itself to satisfy the customer demand and make progress together with the developments in both domestic and international markets.
We provide
1.Risk Management Solutions
--CNY Spot, CNY Forward, CNY Swaps against Foreign Currency
--FX Trading, FX Swaps and Currency Options
--Interest Rate Swaps, Interest Rate Options, and Interest Rate Collars
--Cross-Currency Swaps, Forward Rate Agreement, Swaptions
--Structured Derivatives Etc.
2.Assets Management Solutions
--CNY Wealth Management Products
--FX Structured Products
--Commodity-Linked Structured Products
--Local Currency Denominated Bond Trading
--Foreign Currency Denominated Bond Trading
--Asset Management, CNY Structured Products
--Precious Metal Trading Etc.
3.Market Consultancy Services
--Respond to Customer's Inquiry Around the Clock
--Instant Market Price
--Market Consultancy And Advisory
--Product Training,
--Portfolio Strategy
--Customer Solution Etc.
You achieve
  Risk hedging
  Yield enhancement
To list some structured deposits of SPDB:
- FX Linked Structured Deposits
  100% Principal Guaranteed FX Movement
  100% Principal Guaranteed FX Range Accrual
  100% Principal Guaranteed Basket FX Knock-Out
- Premium Deposit
  100% Principal Guaranteed CNY Against Foreign Currency Movement
  100% Principal Guaranteed CNY Against Foreign Currency Range Accrual
  100% Principal Guaranteed FX Barrier Knock-Out Cross Currency
- Interest Rate Linked Structured Deposit
  100% Principal Guaranteed Callable Fixed
  100% Principal Guaranteed Callable Step-Up
  100% Principal Guaranteed Callable Range Accrual
  100% Principal Guaranteed Callable CMS
  100% Principal Guaranteed Callable Inverse-Floater
  100% Principal Guaranteed Target Redemption
  100% Principal Guaranteed Cross Currency Range Accrual
- Commodity, Energy, Stock, Bond Price / Index Linked Structured Deposit
  100% Principal Guaranteed Gold Price Range Accrual
  100% Principal Guaranteed Stock Price Linked
  100% Principal Guaranteed Gold Price Range Accrual Cross Currency